Samburu County

In eastern Africa, in central Kenya live the Samburu people a semi-nomadic pastoralist community who herd mainly cattle but also keep sheep, goats and camels. The Samburu speak the Samburu dialect of the Maa language, which is a Nilothic language. The Maa language is also spoken by other 22 sub tribes of the Maa community otherwise known as the Maasai.

Their land is semidesert, where water and other resources are quite scarce. Women have to walk several miles (sometimes up to 8 miles in each direction) to get water, which the carry in their backs. When there is not rain and the river is dry, they look for water in natural collection places like holes in stones.

The Yarumal Mission Society has been in the region for over 30 years assisting the community in every aspect of their daily lives from basic education, providing food, medicine, transportation and even showing them how to harvest vegetables.


One of their main projects is the construction of water wells and rain water collection tanks so that they can supply the people of the region with more potable water.

Manomagna is humbly supporting some of the efforts of the Yarumal mission society by donating part of its profits to support education and the construction of water facilities as needed.