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 What do we do?

SinuForYou was born and inspired by the Savannah region of Colombian Caribbean. From there, we highlight their handmade traditions, fusing them with designs and textures that reflect the vibrant culture of the region they come from.

Why do we do it?

SinuForYou was born as an idea by Norma Arroyo, Colombian, born and raised in Sincelejo. From the age of 15, she went to study and look for better opportunities outside her homeland. Along that path, she lived for 5 years in 3 countries different, but as the homeland calls, she wanted to return to Colombia to stay close to her roots and to give back to the region she had received some much from.

That is how SinuForYou was born. A brand that works with artisans from the region, who braid the fibers of the cane arrow (Cañaflecha). The same palm with which the traditional vueltiao hat is made.

Each creation merges culture, fashion and tradition, to take to Colombia and the world, the charm of our Caribe Sabanero.

How do we do it?

Our products are handmade in Sincelejo, a city located on the Colombian north coast. Their main component is the cane straw, Cañaflecha, a plant similar to a palm or sugar cane. Their leaves are green and once harvested, they are separated into ribbons that are then scraped, dried and prepared to give them the different colors that the characterize our products. Then, they are bleached to give them the natural tone, or dyed with natural or artificial pigments to give it colorful tones. After this, they are separated into fine fibers that are braided by hand by the craftsmen, forming different figures, depending on the way they are braided. These figures are called “pints” and reflect the experiences of the artisans, such as originally captured by the Zenú Indians, from whom this tradition comes.

Those cañaflecha braids are the ones we use in our bags and accessories, making them stand out by joining them with contemporary textile pieces.

Where can you see more?

We invite you to visit to see our products