The World As a Territory Without Borders


We are children of an artisan culture. We see the world as a territory without borders. We explore it and travel it highlighting the originality and authenticity of the objects and the people who create them.

We Look For Really Authentic Products

We were born with the purpose of giving artisans the place they deserve, positively impacting the environment that surrounds them. We believe in the handmade, in the authentic, in rescuing treasures made with talent, high quality, care and creativity.

Art As A Treasure Of Stories

We are a channel that connects different worlds. A platform to tell emotional and social stories through valuable artisan objects, handmade and carefully curated.

Core Values


Passion: We do it because we love it. From selecting the artisans and their products to getting our customers feedback.

Innovation: We look for ways to make everything better, nicer, greater, different.

Respect: for everyone involved in the process, suppliers, patrons and the environment.

Perseverance: We will stay the course despite difficult times

Social effect: We want to help others and Give back!