“We come to connect
your home with
positive emotions”

“We see the world
as a territory
without borders”

“We believe in the


“We search for

originality and








We Look For Really Authentic Products

The hands are powerful, capable of transforming objects and giving that unique touch to each piece. When they unite, they discover, feel, shape and leave a legacy. It is the power of our hands that makes objects acquire that powerful and magnificent meaning.

Social Effect 

We are committed to promoting artisans, their artistry, their artful products and their dedication to their families and their communities.

A portion of our profits will be donated to different causes we are passionate about. Check out our social effect page to find out what we are currently working on and how your contributions are helping to change the world.


We were born with the purpose of giving artisans the place they deserve, positively impacting the environment that surrounds them. We believe in the handmade, in the authentic, in rescuing treasures made with talent, high quality, care and creativity.

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